Founded by lifelong friends Alexandra and Patricia, TODE Home is fueled by a shared passion for crafting timeless spaces that stand the test of time.




Alexandra's exceptional design talent, honed through inspiring projects in Angola, shines through in her bold and creative approach, where client comfort and attention to detail take center stage. Alexandra seamlessly blends natural materials and cutting-edge technology to bring her captivating visions to life and breathe new life into spaces, with customized interior designs.




Drawing from over 20 years of expertise in project management and business development, Patricia nurtured a lifelong dream of establishing her own business. A true team player, Patricia is driven by ambitious goals. Captivated by Alexandra's design work and inspired by her vision, Patricia joined her to create a webstore experience with a thoughtfully curated selection of products.

“ We partner with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, and design to exceed their expectations."

What We Stand For

1. Timeless Design and Premium Quality 

At TODE Home, we’re passionate about timeless design, which offers a winning combination of style, longevity, and sustainability. We believe that you deserve to enjoy iconic pieces that stand the test of time. That’s why we proudly collaborate with a curated selection of renowned brands like Horm, Cane-line, Purho and more, known for their exceptional craftmanship and lasting quality.

2. Holistic Approach to Interior Design

Our approach to interior design goes beyond aesthetics. For us, interior design is a meaningful investment in your quality of life and well-being. In every project, we ensure that your home meets your needs and the needs of your family. From smart storage solutions to luxurious touches like sound-insulating wallpapers, we bring the perfect balance between functionality and comfort.

3. Customized Solutions that Meet your Needs 

At TODE Home, it’s not just about the products; it’s about the people. We know that crafting your dream home is a deeply personal experience. That’s why your needs, dreams and personal taste take center stage in every project. From customized furniture solutions to personalized 3D designs, our team will go above and beyond to fulfill your specific needs and preferences.

4. Dedicated Support and Assistance Every Step of the Process 

Our team is here to guide you, offer personalized recommendations and ensure every detail is taken care of. From the initial concept to the final touches, we handle it all, working closely with you throughout the project to achieve your dreams and exceed expectations. No more stress - we're here to make your journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

5. Expertise and Industry Knowledge

At TODE Home, our experts are passionate about crafting timeless spaces that inspire and captivate. With years of experience and a keen eye on design trends, we bring you the best of both worlds – innovative solutions and timeless principles. From space planning to material selection, we make informed decisions that perfectly match your vision and needs.

We’re more than just an online store. Whether you're a creator, curator, end customer or professional, we’ll guide you every step of the way to create your dream home.


Curated Home Decor

At our online store, you can find a curated premium selection of timeless pieces from renowned brands worldwide. With a range of options available, you’ll find the perfect decor that stands the test of time..

Interior Design Services

Our experienced team help bring your spaces to life with interior design services. From Inspiration to Turn Keys Solution, we have different levels of service customized to your needs and preferences.

Professionals Program

Join our exclusive program for architects and interior designers. As a member of Professionals Program, you’ll have dedicated support and assistance from our expert team throughout your project.



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