The Ultimate Guide for Styling Your Outdoor Lounge Area

When the weather warms up, we start dreaming of ways to bring our outdoor lounge area to life. Whether you’re designing an outdoor lounge area from scratch or adding a few finishing touches, there are plenty of ways to give your outdoor space the upgrade it deserves.

At Tode Home, we believe your outdoor spaces should feel like an extension of your home. However, from dining tables to chic sofas and must-have outdoor decor accessories, creating a dining and lounge area outdoors can be daunting with so many options available.

We are here to help you transform your outdoor space into your favorite summer hangout! Read on for advice from our experts at Tode Home for creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor lounge area. 

Create Separate Spaces for your Outdoor Lounge Area 

Assess how much space you have and decide on its primary use - social gatherings, private relaxation or a mix of both. Just as you create separate living spaces inside your home, you can create a multi-use outdoor area to support several purposes.

The best way to designate areas for dining, lounging, and entertaining is to use visual cues like different styles of furniture. Just make sure to maintain a consistent overall look by using the same color palette and accent decor throughout.

For the bar area, you can opt for a built-in bar with custom cabinetry or go for a freestanding bar cart or counter. You may want to include bar stools for seating and ensure the bar area is equipped with essentials like a sink and mini-fridge.

Fire pits or grills are also a great addiction to any outdoor lounge area. They add a touch of elegance to your space and are great for extra warmth and light. With its simple and stylish design, the FireBox garden wood burner can be an excellent option!

Set the Mood with the Right Lighting

When the sun goes down and the stars come out, outdoor lighting offers both style and function to keep your get-together going all night long. There are numerous outdoor lighting ideas to choose from, so examine your outdoor lounge area to see which ones work best.

Whether it’s floor lamps, table lamps or statement chandeliers, the right lighting can make your outdoor space magical. Knott Battery lights, of varying shapes and sizes, are perfect for setting the tone of the night, providing the right illumination to enhance your gatherings.

Wall lights are also a great, innovative way to create an elegant space. Aludra wall is a good option for a compact and versatile wall light that creates a welcoming ambience in your outdoor lounge area.

Choose a Comfortable and Cozy Seating Furniture

Your outdoor lounge area should be as comfortable as the interior of your home. By focusing on comfort, you can create an outdoor space that is practical and inviting, making it a place where you’re happy to spend time, either alone or with friends.

Fortunately, there are many options to maximize comfort, from poufs to lounge chairs. For a minimalist and functional look, we suggest the Peacock daybed, a piece of furniture that offers the perfect seating option for stretching out and relaxing. 

To provide additional seating options and add variety to the space, consider including a couple of colorful chairs. These can be placed around the main seating area for added convenience or in separate areas of the lounge.

If you have a pool in your outdoor lounge area, check out our Sit Pool double. It is the perfect piece to create a seamless indoor-outdoor vibe, since the Sit Pool was designed as an outdoors chaise longue but its versatile style can be used on indoor spaces too. 

Add Pops of Color and Texture to a More Inviting Outdoor Space

Treat your outdoor space like an extension of your home. Add texture, color, and interest with a rug, throw pillows, cushions and blankets. These elements create a personalized and inviting atmosphere. Start by adding an outdoor rug that withstands the elements. 

The right rug brings an inviting feel and tie the furniture together, making the space cohesive and comfortable. Choose a suitable rug for the outdoors, like our Cortez rug, that complements the color scheme and style of the furniture.

Make the Most of Your Space with Furniture that is Both Functional and Stylish

The right furniture will make your outdoor lounge area comfortable and stylish, creating a seamless transition from inside to outside. Nowadays, outdoor furniture comes in many styles and colors, allowing you to match your design aesthetic.

To make your space more functional, invest in coffee tables and side tables to support the seating area. Both provide a surface for drinks, books, and decorative items. Place them beside sofas or armchairs and choose tables that complement the style of your sofa.

When selecting furniture pieces, consider the size of your outdoor lounge area, the overall style you want to achieve, and the functionality you need. Ensure there's plenty of room to circulate around the furniture.

Are you planning your own alfresco outdoor lounge area? Speak to the expert team at Tode Home to see how our outdoor living products can be used to make the most of your outdoor space.