Spring Decor: Ideas to Refresh and Colour Up Your Home

As the weather becomes warmer, we’re ready to say goodbye to winter months and lean into spring decor for a well-deserved home refresh. Spring is the season of happiness, sun, colours and family gatherings and your home interior should reflect those elements. 

Luckily, sprucing up your home for spring doesn't require you to spend countless hours redecorating your whole home or paint your living room in a bold colour. With the right spring decor pieces and just a few really simple ideas, you can refresh your home in less than 10 minutes. And create a spring-inspired environment that feels good to you.

Inspired by TODE HOME new Spring Decor collection, our interior designers share with you their top 5 simple spring decor ideas to celebrate this season of renewal. Get ready to breathe in the changing atmosphere and refresh your home. Happy decorating!

Switch to Colourful Cushions

If you are decorating your home for spring, throw cushions are a great place to start. Switching your cushions is a simple way to change the overall atmosphere of your space, without having to spend a lot of time with big spring decor renovations. Whether you use them on your couch or to colour up your bedroom, cushions make a big impact with little effort. 

Choose colourful cushions, with floral or geometric patterns to bring the feeling of a spring garden indoors. For a creative and luxurious look, try these designer pillows by Christian Lacroix. If you are looking for a more minimalist feel for your spring decor, these printed linen pillows would be the perfect choice for you.



Experiment with Bold Wallpapers

Use wallpapers with bold patterns and colours to bring joy and brightness to your spring decor. No matter if you choose to create a striking feature wall or decorate an entire room - either way, bold wallpapers make a stunning statement in your home that will not go unnoticed. 

There are plenty of fresh, colourful wallpapers to choose from in time for the spring decorating season. With so many wallpapers available, it’ll never cease to amaze you how the same space can have such a different look with just a tiny change. 

To counterbalance a neutral space, we love this geometric colourful patchwork wallpaper that brings movement and colour to every room. For a versatile design, take a look at this wallpaper with a deep and natural-looking relief in sleek geometric shapes, that works great in both modern and timeless spaces. 



Add a Bright Spring Rug

Rolling out a new rug is an effortless and stylish way to transform your space. In addition to protecting your floors from damage and reducing noise in the space, rugs really have the power to change the overall feeling of your space, from the ground up. 

When choosing a rug for your spring decor, think about the feelings and sensations you want to evoke and select a rug that fits your home decor look. To add a subtle touch of spring colour and energy to your living room, this artistic rug can be just what you are looking for. 


Refresh your Bathroom Decor with Colourful Towels

While replacing a pillow in your living room is easy, it’s not always clear how to create spring decor in a more utilitarian space like your bathroom. A simple way to do it is to replace your dark towels with new colourful bath towels. To create a cohesive look, choose an accent bright colour for your bathroom and use it not only in your towels, but also in your rugs and overall bathroom decor.

Create a spa retreat in your own home with towels that are not only pretty to look at, but also soft and of great quality. For pretty hues and a sustainable fabric, try organic cotton Gaufre towels. To brighten up your mood every single morning, the vibrant colours of the Coniston collection may be the perfect fit for you. 



Try new Spring Decor Elements

The use of colourful decorative elements such as vases and figurines add character and a unique touch to your space. Your home is a place to enjoy, a space that is an extension of yourself and with which you fully identify. Bring your ideas to life with colourful one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out in any room. 

For a statement table centrepiece that will amaze your guests, take a look at the small vase, Linae Small. To add a pop of colour and character in your office, get these Flap shelves, guaranteed to bring you a burst of creativity while working.  



 As you can see, incorporating spring decor in your home doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, adding just one or two colourful elements can give your home an inspiring and refreshing look – whether it’s a bold wallpaper or a luxurious pillow in your living room.

Ready to Colour Up Your Home? Explore Tode Home new Spring Decor collection