5 Timeless Interior Design Tips for a Cosy and Stylish Home

Your home is a space of refuge where you escape to recharge from the day, so comfort should be a crucial element of your interior design. However, when renovating your home decor there is a risk of sacrificing style for comfort, leading to a space that feels dull. 

With the right decor pieces, you can create a home that hits the sweet spot between cosy and stylish. The good news is you don’t have to look far - or spend countless hours figuring out trends and choosing the best decor pieces - to elevate your space: TODE HOME takes care of all your interior design needs for every room in the home. 

Inspired by a real-life example of a total refurbishment project created by our team of talented interior designers, in this article we cover our top timeless interior design tips. Read on to find out 5 tips from our experts that go beyond trends and will spark your next home renovation project. 

1- Use Wallpaper to Liven Up Ordinary Spaces 

Whether it is a graphic statement, a bit of colour or a beautiful pattern, wallpaper is the perfect addition to any space: it brings an original element to your decor, provides thermal insulation and works as an acoustic barrier, reducing noise in your room and giving you the comfort you need to relax. 

If the thought of using wallpaper in your entire room scares you, just pick a wall and highlight it. It's fast, easy, and makes a big difference in the feeling of the room. In interior design, a little paper goes a long way, so you can fully maximize your decorating budget. 

Expert tip: When choosing the perfect wallpaper, consider the other elements in the room and the effect you want to achieve. In this interior design project we used wallpapers in neutral tones to counterbalance the dark tone of the floor and create a cosier environment. The wallpaper in the living room was chosen for its geometry that creates the feeling of movement, while the wallpaper in the kids’ room has pops of colour to bring feelings of joy. The wallpaper in the bathroom was chosen for it's texture and resistance.

2- Upgrade to Comfortable Cushions

There is nothing like curling up on a couch with comfortable cushions, whether to read a book or watch a movie with your family. Decorating with cushions is a simple way to create a cosy and inviting space in your home, while adding a touch of luxury. 

Choosing comfortable designer cushions hardly takes any time and can completely transform and elevate the look of your interior design. Not sure where to start? Explore our expert selection of cushions here.

Expert tip: Get creative by combining cushions with different prints, colours, shapes and textures to make your space feel new again. Make sure to choose cushion designs that match your room’s colour palette and overall feel. In this interior design project, we used cushions that bring together the colours of the bed, creating harmony in the space.

3- Choose the Right Lighting to Warm Up the Room

Lighting enhances your overall decor and creates the ambiance of your entire home. It is a crucial element for any interior design scheme and one of the easiest decor pieces to change, even in a rental.

Lighting is essential for functionality so it is crucial to create a lighting plan taking into account the main function of each room. For an office desk, choose a practical and adjustable table lamp. For a comfortable and stylish feeling in the living room, choose warm, evenly distributed lighting and a sophisticated lamp design

Expert tip: Use strategic focal lights to accentuate your favourite statement pieces. In this interior design project, we used light to create comfort while highlighting pieces developed specifically for the place, on the fireplace and in the bathrooms. 


4- Focus on Storage Solutions that Support your Interior Design

Clearing clutter is one of the best ways to keep your home spacious and relaxing. However, when renovating your home, storage is often an afterthought. The result is a cluttered home or storage that doesn’t match the overall feeling of your space. 

To avoid this, think about the functionality of the different rooms in your home and invest in custom-made storage solutions. This way, you ensure that your storage solutions fit the decor and support your space, instead of working against it. In this interior design project, the storage solutions are efficient yet stylish, adding beauty without disturbing the flow of the space.

Expert tip: Make your home layout work to your advantage and maximise the space you’re already using. Remember that in interior design it is less about how much living space you have and more about how well you use it. 


5- Use Natural Materials in your Interior Design 

Using natural materials such as wood and stone in interior design is a trend that is here to stay. Besides being great for the environment, natural materials tend to provide a cosy feel and have high quality, translating into increased longevity and a timeless elegance.

In this project, our designers used marble, wood and iron in the remodelling of the bathrooms, kitchen and living room. The most resistant materials were developed in soft tones, to be less tiring to the eye. 

Expert tip: Incorporate different natural elements to accentuate the mood you desire for your home - relaxing, cheerful, or somewhere in between. You can also bring nature into your home by adding green elements to decor, which increase comfort and visual harmony. 


Are you renovating your home decor? With the help of our expert interior designers, you don't need to waste time figuring out trends or which pieces work best together. Contact us to get started and find the perfect decoration for your home!